Precor treadmill reset switch

Precor treadmill reset switch

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Table of Contents. Treadmill Precor Ci Service Manual 76 pages.

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Low impact treadmill with the cardiologic system featuring smart rate 44 pages. If you are not a Precor Trained Servicer, you should not attempt to service any Precor products. Call your dealer for service. This document contains information required to perform the majority of troubleshooting and replacement procedures required to repair and maintain this product.

Page 7: Trm V. Precor treadmills must be connected to a 20 amp, individual branch circuit that can be shared only with one PVS Personal Viewing System screen. If you need additional help with the power connections contact your Precor authorized dealer. The P80 utilizes NTP to set its clock and for synchronization.

At no time is Precor connecting to your network to "push" any data. The P80 initiates all data requests. Frequency: 47 — 65 Hz Vac Systems VAC distribution systems utilize a single pole circuit breaker hot lead and a neutral lead connected to a common neutral ground bar. Exercise extreme caution when you perform maintenance procedures with the hood removed. Page Procedure While the unit is running and the running belt is in motion, press the STOP button and verify the running belt stops.

Page Service Access Codes The keypad X configuration sequence should be not faster than 1 second between each key stroke. Any speed faster than 1 second may result in an unsuccessful access to the sign-in screen. Page Club Parameter Settings Sets the maximum allowable workout time for each user. Factory default is 60 minutes. Factory default is seconds. This is the unit specific console software.

Page 18 3. The service software and standard access codes are described in detail in Standardized Service Access Codes of this manual. Page Optional TrmFrom time to time, error codes will pop up on your Precor treadmill. It just takes a quick second to clear the error log and get the treadmill up and running again.

Press the up or down arrows to scroll through the error codes, if necessary for club or personal logging purposes. To view the treadmill's odometer reading when a particular error code was elicited, press "SELECT" while a particular error code is displayed.

Prompts will appear on the display and let you know when the log has been deleted. If the same error code s appear s more than once, the following documents are of tremendous help, with regard to identifying structural problems with a particular model within the Precor family:.

Dan Gaz is a graduate of Indiana University with degrees in both exercise science and applied sport science. A self-proclaimed Internet Renaissance man, Gaz is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none. His work can be seen in the "Post-Bulletin" Rochester, Minn.

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By: Dan Gaz. Published: 12 October, More Articles. Home Fitness Cardio. References Precor Owner's Manual. Warnings You cannot retrieve the error log once you delete it. About the Author.There are many occasions when you may need to reset your treadmill. Perhaps you want to revert back to the factory settings after making some changes. Perhaps you've done some maintenance and a reset is required.

First of all I would say refer to your treadmill manual to save any time and hassle. Sometimes you can't find or have thrown the manual away, in that case resetting a treadmill is usually quite easy and can involve just holding a few buttons down for several seconds, then the software performs a reset. Bowflex - This is for the 3, 5 and 7 series of treadmills. This puts the treadmill into dormant mode.

From here you can access many features, refer to your user manual for each one and how to access them. For the BXT series turn on the treadmill and it enters the power up mode.

precor treadmill reset switch

From here you can make various choices by pressing up or down. One of the choices is a reset console. When highlighted, activate it by pressing enter. For the Treadclimbers, turn on the machine to enter the power up mode. As with the BXT series you're now in machine settings. From here you choose the reset console option and press enter. Turning it on will place it in dormant mode. The set up menu can be obtained by pressing "Clear " on the keypad. Always contact customer service with any problems.

Freemotion - First get to the settings mode by accessing the start up menu. Touch the "i" button near the lower left corner of the screen. From here you need to enter the maintenance mode by pressing the maintenance button in the lower left corner again.

Then you have all sorts of functions you can perform including the factory defaults by pressing the selection where it's shown. Horizon Fitness - Press the stop button to ensure nothing is running on the machine. When everything has stopped press and hold the stop key for 3 seconds and this will perform a reset. Life Fitness - On a lot of models there is a reset button.Please contact Customer Service atif you have any issues accessing information on this website. View Treadmill Models.

With a choice of three console options, including the engaging and intuitive P82 touchscreen, the Experience Series cardio line gives operators the proven, reliable performance they count on. Each piece delivers the personalized exercise experience and entertainment choices their members seek. See All Experience. Precor treadmills with IFT recognize this change in speed when your foot strikes the belt and adjust to match every stride, resulting in a smooth, fluid feel that enhances the workout experience.

Result: Patented treadmill design that outperforms a natural running surface.

precor treadmill reset switch

View All Consoles. Get more out of your equipment with training videos and downloadable workouts from the Precor Coaching Center. Access training support tools for onboarding your staff on Preva and your equipment. Learn More. Precor is an Amer Sports brand. Commercial Fitness Shop Home Fitness. About Resource Center Contact Us. Loading Cart Home Commercial Cardio Treadmills. Matched running stride and low, stable impact Integrated Footplant Technology IFT takes one simple fact into account: When you run, the speed of your foot changes.

Precor Coaching Center Get more out of your equipment with training videos and downloadable workouts from the Precor Coaching Center Find new ways to use your equipment to increase exerciser satisfaction and engage your trainers Access training support tools for onboarding your staff on Preva and your equipment Learn More.

Shop our full line of Treadmill models View All. Reimagine Your Strength Portfolio. Precor World Headquarters.If the electronic components of your treadmill are not working properly or you have recently performed maintenance on it, you might need to reset it. Resetting a treadmill is a relatively quick process. Just push your treadmill's reset button and then a few buttons on the console. Depending on the type of treadmill you have, there are three possible ways to reset it.

Find the reset hole on the underside of the console. Plug the treadmill back in to a power outlet, insert a cotton swab or a small piece of plastic into the reset hole and push the "Reset" button. Refer to your user's manual if you are unsure which type of display you have. Press the "Enter" button on your console five times until "CL 26" appears on the display. Press the "Enter" button five times, then "Start" once, then "Enter" once more.

Press the "Enter" button four times, then "Start" once, then "Enter" once more. Press the "Power" button and wait about eight minutes while the treadmill resets itself; the treadmill will run on its own during this time.

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Never stand on your treadmill's belt while resetting the treadmill. Resetting causes the belt to start and stop automatically, which can lead to injury. Fitness Workouts Exercise Equipment. Mike Andrew. Mike Andrew has written business and legal articles for " Magazine" since and covers college football for several websites.

Andrew is a freelance writer, attorney and music producer based in Florida. Woman running on treadmill. Initial Procedures for All Treadmills. Step 1. Unplug your treadmill from its power outlet and insert the safety key into the appropriate slot. Step 2. Step 3. Press the "Reset" button again; "CL 21" will appear on the console. Press "Enter" one more time so that "E" appears. Step 4. Step 5.

Press "Enter" and allow the treadmill to run until it stops on its own. Step 6. Press the "Power" button twice. Unplug the treadmill for at least 30 seconds. Remove the safety key and plug the treadmill back in. Push the "Reset" button once so that "10" appears on the display.When a treadmill stops running, it's frustrating since it ruins a workout.

A treadmill that stops running after starting the workout can mean something is wrong with the belt, platform, motor or speed controls. When too much resistance occurs during a run or walk, the treadmill stops running to avoid any damage to the motor. This is a safety precaution to preserve the motor and to avoid excess heat which can cause fires in the home. A treadmill owner can check a few issues with the treadmill to identify any problems that cause the treadmill to stop running.

Observe the belt to detect any fraying. When a belt becomes worn, the frayed area creates more friction and resistance. This increases the heat and power requirements on the motor.

The treadmill detects the problem and shuts off the power. If the belt is loose, use the allen wrench to tighten the tension by adjusting the screws on the back of the treadmill.

Feel the area in the center of the platform underneath the belt. This area should feel slick. If the treadmill platform and belt aren't lubricated, friction causes too much resistance, and the motor shuts down. Lubrication oils can be purchased online or at a local treadmill repair shop. Check the power cable to ensure it's tightly inserted in the wall socket.

Some treadmill power problems can be as simple as a loose cord. Check to ensure the cord is inserted into the wall socket.

Precor TRM 885.v2 Service Manual

Check the speed controls. The best way to check the speed controls is by starting the treadmill at a slow pace. Let the treadmill run for a few minutes and jump on the belt to start walking. Change the speed of the treadmill. If the motor stops running, it could be the speed controls. Fitness Workouts Exercise Equipment.

Lysis is the pen name for a former computer programmer and network administrator who now studies biochemistry and biology while ghostwriting for clients. She currently studies health, medicine and autoimmune disorders. Lysis is currently pursuing a Ph. Man's feet walking on a treadmill. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3.The treadmill speed sensor records the revolutions per minute of the front roller and the computer converts this reading to miles per hour. On most models, the speed sensor is connects to a circuit board that interfaces with the treadmill control panel.

When problems develop with the sensor, the display panel might show an error code. Most often, this indicates a faulty sensor or one that's loose. Testing the continuity of the internal circuits with a voltage meter is an effective way to identify problems with the speed sensor.

From that point, the speed sensor can be fixed. Unplug the treadmill power cord. Use an Allen wrench to remove the bolts that secure the motor cover at the front of the treadmill.

Depending on the model, it may be necessary to remove the hub covers on each side of the treadmill to access these bolts. Remove the motor cover and set it aside. Trace the black and white wire leads from the motor to the circuit board below. Pull the black and white connectors off the terminal posts on the circuit board.

Locate the bolts that secure the treadmill motor to the mounting bracket. Use a socket and ratchet or Allen wrench to loosen and remove the bolts. Lift the motor at the end opposite the front roller pulley to slack the drive belt. Lift the belt off the motor pulley. Position the motor upright to access the speed sensor at the underside of the motor.

Check the stability of the sensor in the bracket that holds it to the motor. If the sensor is not stable, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws and secure the bracket. Trace the wire lead from the sensor to the circuit board below. Pull the connector from the circuit board.

precor treadmill reset switch

Test the continuity of the speed sensor wiring circuit with a voltage meter. If the meter shows continuity, the speed sensor must be replaced. Install the speed sensor into the bracket at the underside of the motor and tighten the screws. Connect the wire lead to the circuit board. Put the drive belt on the motor pulley, reattach the motor to the mounting bracket and tighten the bolts that hold it in place. Connect the black and white leads from the motor to the circuit board.

Put the hub covers on the sides of the treadmill frame. Attach the motor cover. Plug the treadmill power cord into an electrical outlet.

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Follow the owner's manual instructions for resetting the treadmill. If you've misplaced your owner's manual, check on the manufacturer's website for a PDF version of the manual for your make and model of treadmill.

Don't ignore the warning lights on your equipment. They're a signal that bigger problems may be ahead if you don't fix the smaller problems in a timely manner.

precor treadmill reset switch

Fitness Workouts Exercise Equipment. William Machin. William Machin began work in construction at the age of 15, while still in high school. In 35 years, he's gained expertise in all phases of residential construction, retrofit and remodeling.

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